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Albania Cultural-Historic Tour:

6 nights, 4-star hotel, B&B

This tour includes the "soul" of Albania where you will visit and relieve historical places since the bronze age.


Archaeological Tours:

9 nights, 4 -star hotel, all inclusive

The area of today's Albania has been populated since prehistoric times. In antiquity, much of it was settled by the Illyrians, possible ancestors of present-day Albanians. 


Albanian Highlands: 

6 nights, 

 On this tour you’ll explore natural wonders such as canyons, natural pools and waterfalls walking along rivers and a mountain pass. Discover the hospitality of Albanian Highlanders and enjoy food  with them, while sharing knowledge about life and nature.


Peaks of the Balkans:

9 nights in 4-star hotel


Get ready to explore one of the last remaining hiking heavens in Europe. Walk between 3 countries, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and discover the magic of the Accursed Mountains. But do not get scared by the name. This is one of the most hospitable areas in the world.


Bosnia and Herzegovina - History and Culture Tour:

8 days, 4-star hotel, B&B


Throughout its history, Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been a crossroad of various cultures, religions, and civilizations. Join us on a trip as we explore this beautiful country's tumultuous history to its modern-day culture. Four nights will be spent in Mostar and three nights in Sarajevo.


Multi Adventure in Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania:

5 nights, 4-star hotel, all inclusive


Cross off every adventure on your bucket list during these ten exciting days in Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro!



Athens - Mykonos - Santorini


This tour will include the gems of Greece, you will have the possibility to have a perfect feeling of Greece. 
We will include in this tour elements from ancient Greece to the modern one. Join this tour for an excellent   



South Balkans Tour:

11 Nights, 


This superior tour includes all  in one tour including all aspects of Balkans. Starting to Belgrade to continue to Tirane this tour will give you the best cultural approach to Balkans  and with strong focus on nature and UNESCO sites.



15 days,


Go further east through the Balkans and seek out the path less travelled. From the splendour and charisma of the Croatian coast to off the beaten track through Albania and Montenegro with its awesome scenic coast to Ancient Athens and the Greek wonders of the cliff top monasteries of Meteora, Thermopylae and the Temple of Delphi. This trek encompasses the iconic cities of the Balkans – Sarajevo, Belgrade and Skopje – and touches on many cultures, old and new.

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